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Recap of October 7th Event

Recap of October 7th Event

December 19, 2016
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Lunch started a little slow on this Friday. We hosted Mr. Aliex Parker of Provasi Capital, whom distributes Priority Income Fund. This was Mr. Parker’s first time meeting with us since he began with Provasi. Boy, was he worth the wait!

We started off with Hondo’s Appetizer platters. Delicious! Mr. John Starke introduced Mr. Glenn Hogue. Mr. Hogue is a Medicare Specialist who is ready to come meet with anyone who needs help deciding which Medicare plan is right for you and your family. Mr. Hogue is licensed and will to travel all over the state of Virginia. We enjoyed the meal of our choice by allowing attendees to choose their own meal off the regular menu.

Mr. Parker arrived a little late, but the presentation more than made up for it. Mr. Parker began telling us all about Priority Income Fund (PIF). PIF is a fund that is full of loans. These loans are all to major companies. Please click the following link to see the Fact Card: Priority Income Fund Fact Card. The way the risk is mitigated here is the fact that even if these companies default on their loan from PIF, they still own assets that will in turn be given to PIF for the payment of the loan. One example is American Airlines. If American Airlines were to default on their loan from PIF, PIF would be able to sell off all their assets to pay the loan amount. Their assets would include but aren’t limited to all aircrafts. Mr. Parker went into depth on stocks, bonds, and senior secured debt to explain clearly how PIF mitigates risk and continues to send distributions (mailbox money).

Mr. Parker then opened the floor up to questions from attendees: Mr. Lozito asked, “How large is the fund?”. Mr. Parker responded by saying that after this week, we will be about $205 million of assets under management.

If you would like to learn more about Priority Income Fund, please let us know!

All information found is was spoken aloud at the event on October 7th.