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Recap of October 18th Event

Recap of October 18th Event

October 19, 2016
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We were all set for a full house and great speaker, and then we had a scheduling conflict! We hope you would agree that while we didn’t have a full house this past Tuesday at Opus 9, we sure did have a great speaker. Mr. Robert Liessem of SC Distributors was with us and gave a wonderful presentation on Sierra Income Corp. We enjoyed a five course meal that was certainly good enough to write home about!

Sierra Income Corp. is a Business Development Company (BDC). Sierra’s focus is to lend money (or be the bank) for middle market companies. Currently, banks are not lending to middle market companies. Sierra has stepped in and taken their place. Simply put, Sierra pools together the investors funds and then lends it out to middle market companies. Mr. Liessem mentioned to us that the middle market companies are happy because they now have the funding they needed while investors are happy because the companies are happy to pay the fees and interest, which is where the investors profit. The weighted average current yield is 11%. Sierra is paying a 7% annualized distribution rate, paid monthly. Sierra is more than covering their distribution! Mr. Liessem used the term ‘Mailbox Money’, which we really like to hear! This means you can depend on the monthly income. You know that each month you will have a check in the mail (or ACH if you prefer!). As stated in the prospectus and on Sierra’s website, the minimum purchase amount is $2,000, for qualified and nonqualified monies.

If you would like to learn more about Sierra or SC Distributors, please let us know today!


All information found here was either given to us or spoken aloud at the event on October 18th.

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