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Centaurus National Sales Conference 2017

Centaurus National Sales Conference 2017

August 04, 2017
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John has had the pleasure of being in Pasadena, California for the past week (July 30th-August 3rd) while attending the Centaurus National Sales Conference. The Conference was held at The Langham Huntington. 

During these conferences, attendees will go to a few main sessions where every person in attendance is in the same session. However, most of their time is spent in what are called Breakout Sessions. John chooses which investment companies that he wants to learn from and he goes to their breakout session. In the evenings, John will attend dinners with an investment sponsor whom requested his attendance during the weeks prior to the event. 

John arrived in Cali on Sunday afternoon. The conference began right away! John attended a technology demonstration where he learned about new types of technology that can help us grow our business as well as help serve our current clients. 

Monday kicked off with a meeting over breakfast! Pictured below is Mr. Ron King. Mr. King 'serves as Chairman and CEO of Centaurus Financial, Inc. Since founding the company in 1992, Mr. King is responsible for the overall development and implementation of companywide initiatives, strategic planning and on-going business development' ( 


Brooke Buckley of MacKenzie Realty Capital hosted a breakout session that was titled 'Capitalizing on the Secondary Real Estate Securities Market'. John always learns something new from Ms. Buckley. She is also one of the few female wholesalers in our industry. (We hope to bring Brooke over to the East coast soon for another client event!) John met Mr. Jim Hickey of SmartStop Asset Management for the first time. He discussed investing in real estate during the good times and the bad times. Mr. Perch Nelson hosted a session titled 'Opportunistic Investing in the Lodging Industry'. Mr. Bill Shopoff discussed the Realty Investments Opportunistic Value Add Platform that they have. The rest of the sessions that John attended on Monday were not about investments; they were about running the business. 

A couple of these sessions were titled 'Business Transition Benefits' and 'Identifying Gaps in Client Preparation'. 

Centaurus hosted a Welcome to Pasadena Reception & Dinner in the Langham. It was a semi-formal affair where John was able to other representatives like himself for all over the country. He enjoyed being able to talk with other reps about ways that work or don't work for their business. 

John attended breakout sessions with MVP Securities, Franklin Square, Cantor Fitzgerald, Redwood Mortgage and more all on Tuesday! 

Mr. Mike Shustek, CEO, and Mr. Brandon Welch, Sr. Vice President, both of  MVP Securities were both present. Mr. Welch discussed their newer product, which is the MVP REIT II Preferred Stock Offering. Mr. Shustek gave a little insight into their plan to list on the Stock Exchange! You can find pictures of both gentleman below. Mr. Mike Shustek on the left and Mr. Brandon Welch on the right. Their breakout session was called 'Parking - The Preferred Way'. 


Mr. James Boyd, Vice President of Franklin Square, discussed their Global Credit Opportunities Fund. Mr. Boyd's session was titled 'Value Credit Investing: Finding Alternative Sources of Income and Growth'. He is pictured below. 

Mr. Steve Williams, National Sales Manager for Cantor Fitzgerald, spoke about their new Rodin Global Property Trust Investment. His session was titled 'Institutionalizing the Offering'. He is pictured below. 

Mr. Tom Burwell, Partner and Sr. Vice President of Redwood Mortgage, gave insight into the firm he works for and their REIT. His session was titled 'Looking for Income? CA Mortgage Pools - A Simple Solution'. He is pictured below. 

John also attended the following sessions on Tuesday: 'Where can Boomers Find a Reliable SOurce of Retirement Income?' by Ken Sleeper of Sierra Mutual Funds and 'Investing in American Compaines - CION Investment Corp.' by Derek Schwartz of CION Investments.

Tuesday started off a whole new round of breakout sessions. Pictured below is Mr. Al Hartman of Hartman Management. He led a session titled 'Hartman - A History of Delivering Value to Investors'. 

Mr. Mike Hollister of Highland Capital spoke about 'Get(ting) Paid to Wait for Healthcare Recovery'. He is picutred below. 

Wednesday also consisted of the floowing sessions: 'Different Clients Different Solutions' by Linda Feeze of Prudential Annuities, 'Structurued for Success - Cottonwood Residential' by Saul Doughtery of Cottonwood Residential, 'Clients' Perspective of Best Interest Educational Workshop' by Chad Dokken of WealthVest Marketing, and 'Convert the Practice You Have to the Practice you Want with an EPIC Solution' by Sylvain Templeman of The Pacific Financial Group. 

Wednesday evening John enjoyed attending the Farewell Reception and Dinner. This was held in the hotel as well. 

Thursday John woke up bringt and early for his flight back to Virginia. He arrived safely in Richmond by noon! 

If you are interested in learning more about any of the products that are mentioned above, please send me or John an email. You are also welcome to use the 'Contact Us' page located at the top of the website. 

Thanks for reading along!